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Wastewater Recycle Systems

Remove Heavy Metals from Waste Streams to Meet City and State Guidelines

Common Uses:

  • Deburring waters
  • Rinse waters
  • Mop waters
  • Water soluble paints & coolants

Wastewater Recycling Systems

Sale or Rental Options

  • Continuous warranty
  • Technical Support

Wastewater Recycling System Supplies

  • Filter Paper
    • 30" X 250 Yards 50 Micron
    • 36" X 250 Yards 50 Micron
  • Wastewater Powder
    • GR 20 Cleartreat - 50 Lb. Pail
  • Our process is Chemical Precipitation, effecting a chemical and physical dissolution of heavy metals from your wastewater.
  • Operator convenience is designed into our system:
    * All of our chemicals are safe to the user
    * Economical filter paper or a high volume filter press
    * The sludge produced is disposed of easily using a convenient filter bag
    * We offer recycling to reduce your water costs or you may confidently sewer the processed water


WW200 graphic

WW55 graphic

Model Footprint Gallons
Per Minute
WW55 25"x 35"x 60" 1-Manual
WW200 70"x 56"x 87" 2.5

All of our Wastewater Recycling Systems are constructed of 304 Stainless Steel for durability. All machines larger than our 55 gallon unit are semi-automatic and require 5 minutes of operator time per hour due to the convenience of electronically friendly controls. Extremely low maintenance and space saving footprint make all of our systems easy to incorporate into your production loop.